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Inovatech BioProducts is a company that traces its beginnings back to the 1940s. Originating in the agricultural industry, Inovatech BioProducts has grown over the years in product diversity, applications development and technical expertise. Inovatech BioProducts is dedicated to meeting the growing global demands for versatile food products based on readily available agricultural commodities. As a result, we stand at the forefront of our industry in the efficient and creative development of new ways to anticipate and deliver the solutions our customers are seeking.

Specifically, Inovatech BioProducts Division is dedicated to providing the agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries with natural, innovative and biologically active products that contribute to the health and well being of people. It is our goal to become the partner of choice as we work together with our customers to identify solutions to their needs. Inovatech BioProducts continues to put a high priority on research and development. It has been our business to develop and provide essential, custom-made products. As we identify and isolate ever-larger numbers of useful components from agricultural commodities, our customers benefit from the technologies developed by us.

» inovapure (lysozyme) for wine

lysozyme for wineIn the wine industry, inovapure (lysozyme) is used to create a healthy environment for alcoholic fermentation as well as to aid in the control of the malolactic fermentation.
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» inovapure for cheese / dairy

lysozyme for cheese In the dairy industry, inovapure (lysozyme) is able to prevent the growth of Clostridium tyrobutyricum. Butyric fermentation in cheese is a ripening default caused by the gram positive bacteria Clostridium tyrobutyricum.
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» inovapure for pharmaceuticals

lysozyme for pharmaceuticalsIn the Pharmaceutical industry, inovapure's (lysozyme) ability to lyse the cell walls of bacteria has led to its inclusion in cold remedies, and oral hygiene formulations.
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